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Growth & Scale


The Mission of the SWS Alliance is perfectly described by Microsoft Ads Growth and Scale.
Why Microsoft Ads? Over the last years we have optimised the use of SEA trends and prognosis. We wanted to be able to recognise realistic chances of growth alongside of the market leader Google. Microsoft stuck out more and more during our market studies. We realised, that over the past few years a grand rally had started at Microsoft. 2020 Microsoft Ads (Bing) had a 22,6 % share of the German market and 402 million search requests per month. As most advertisers and marketing agencies focus solely on Google Ads, this incredible chance of growth is unexploited.

This is where our mission "Growth and Scale" with Microsoft Ads starts. We want to hoist this treasure of growth with our SWS Alliance partners. The SWS Alliance provides their partners with several tools and urges them to actually use these, too. These include in particular:

1. Strategic sales support
2. Direct link to the Microsoft Task Force
3. Download section for visual sales aid
4. Building up your account
5. Health Check of your account
6. Account support
7. Workshops
8. Landing pages

In this spirit: Growth and scale!